IMG_1371[1]  If you follow me on Instagram, my favorite social media outlet, then this will not be news to you.  I absolutely love tea.  I love it in all forms.

One of my favorite things to do is enjoy the beauty of the tea before I actually brew my cup.


Then there is the presentation of the tea while served with a nice meal.  I love all of the different tea pots and cups and routinely find myself anxiously excited to see how it will be served.  I always appreciate tea that is brewed at the correct temperatures and served in traditional pots.  I makes me giddy.


And of course there is nothing better than a rainy day getting lost in a pot of tea. One of these blogs I think it would be fun to inventory both my tea collection and my cup collection.  I bet I have more of both of those things at just my work office than most people have in their entire collection..

File that though under: things to remember to do later..


Comment on this post with your favorite tea brands, styles and local tea shops…. I want to try them all!

Currently listening to: Hawaii by Blackbird Blackbird

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