snagging all the great finds

Shopping Sunday found me wandering through some of my favorite stores, sipping on tea and taking in all the pretty sights.

Goodwill: Westport, CT

My first stop was the Westport Goodwill.  For starters this Goodwill, unfortunately, is not a 25c a cup kinda Goodwill. It is priced higher than normal, but it is, for the most part, higher quality items than a traditional Goodwill.  Going here is always a treat and it is a sad day in my book when I leave empty-handed.

This Vintage Mikasa serving platter is adorable and exactly my style.  Goodwill $2/Found on Etsy for up to $28


This Pier 1 tea mug was screaming “take me home!” so I did.  I love the faint blue color.  Goodwill $1


Charming little bird cage plate from Anthropologie. Can’t you just see a selection of tea treats on this little gem of a plate? Goodwill $3/Original Anthro price $12

Before we go any further, just take a moment to appreciate this awesome paisley floral design…

Ok, this AMAZING set of cups, bowls, plates, gravy bowl ect so beautiful in person. If it was not going to my Mom I would have grabbed it and figured out what to do with it later.  The set is for 6 but really with a couple of missing pieces/cracks/faded colors, this is a solid 5 serving collection.  Goodwill $45 – A STEAL

Before I headed out I saw this C cup and thought I have seen that before at Anthro.  I have a ton of monogrammed cups so why not one more.   Goodwill $1/ In stores at Anthropologie $8

Next stop: Anthropologie: Westport, CT



Remember that cup from Goodwill? Spotted it on the shelves still at Anthro!

After collecting my knobs, hooks, perfumes and lovely new dress and tank top it was definitely time to either A.) get out of this store or B.) apply for a job to pay for this bill… Time to leave!

My final stop was at Vintanthromodern: New Haven, CT  

If you are in New Haven, do yourself a favor and pop into Vinathromodern.  This store is filled with a rotating collection of great local artists who create everything from soaps, to jewelry to cutting boards (current pop shop), to clothing, to bath and body products .. I could go on and on listing more.. In addition to the pop shops, they have a fantastic collection of extremely well curated vintage designer clothing and home decor.  This store opening up around the block from my house has become one of my favorite things about living in New Haven, that and pizza.

My trip yielded a couple of great vinyl to add to the collection along with a really cute 70’s floral button down shirt that I can’t wait to wear!

Currently listening to: San Francisco by Foxygen

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