what i want: bathroom edition

So me and my boyfriend are in the market for a house in the New Haven, Connecticut area soon and as a result a lot of my time is spent checking out local New England home styles and imaging how to upgrade the spaces to something I would love.

When it comes to the bathroom, I am a bubble bath person at heart and there is nothing better than a bath, bottle of wine and relaxing music after work.  I even make it a point to check out the bathroom at any airbnb before traveling and use that in my “how rentable is this space?” analysis…

My future space should have a nice deep tub and a spacious feel to it.

Here are some of the ideas that have me seriously swooning right now:

Bathroom, Alexandra fixture, Rejuvenation

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Let me know your thoughts on the wood details vs tile! And to see the actual links and more of my ideas visit my pinterest board

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3 thoughts on “what i want: bathroom edition

    1. Thanks Jessica ! I am really digging the wood and think that will end up being one of the key accents. Great tile is nice but I feel like wood has much more character to it and is less commonly done in bathrooms! … First, I need the house 😉

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