ny i love you but you gave me subway flu

I can’t deny my love for weekend trips to NYC.  Living in Connecticut I am completely spoiled with easy weekend trips to explore the all the fun places that the big apple has to offer.  Last weekend started out as an overnight trip for a show and ended up as a nonstop weekend party.  Again I can’t complain..except for the subway flu/cold that I got as a souvenir.

I found it really funny that I took these two pics because they pretty much reflect my whole weekend:

These easily sum up my feelings when I decided to stay an additional night and then when I finally got home. Gotta love the random stickers plastered all over the city.

The weekend was filled with rooftops, skylines, dancing the night away with the best of friends, food and drink galore and a fun ladies night which found me walking through Times Square (post champagne) in pedicure flip flops because my heels were ruining my paint job.  Ok in retrospect that was where my NYC sickness probably came from….

Here is a fun snapshot of my weekend and the fun times I would do all over again in a heartbeat:

currently listening to Heros by David Bowie [french import on vinyl]

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