diy tea box gift set (spoiler alert: it’s super easy)

You already know how much I love tea, but you probably don’t know how much I really love sharing tea with the ones I love and how much I love crafting. As a Christmas gift for a special someone in my life (which is why I will wait to share this on Facebook) I made this cute gift set tea box loaded with my personal faves. This tea box is worthy of praise for the variety I have in my cabinets already but worry not you can easily make this with some from a mixed set or two from the grocery store.

It starts with a wooden memories box from Michaels craft store.

Next some super flexible wood strips which are easy to cut with an x-acto knife and cost about 30c.

Some simple felt for a liner on the top and bottom create a nice backdrop for the tea… Also about 30c.

I made mine with room for loose and bagged tea but this gives you the flexibility to fit whatever you want.

At this point I was ready to paint the lid and had already sliced my finger with the x-acto so wine became the next step… Probably should have started with that!

Now the funny thing is that my intended recipient has a T name and this is a tea box so we thought a giant T on the box would be fitting as a joke ..because get it? It is a T Box!



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