new year, great memories

2015 had a rocky start for me. The first half of the year I was really sick and just kept getting sick all through summer. My Facebook memories from today reminded me that not only was I weighed down with the flu on this day last year but also taking my cat Bandit to the emergency vet with a swollen chin. So needless to say 2016 is off to a better start and has some great plans for me.

After seeing my miserable Facebook posts from last year I thought it would be nice to reflect on the moments that truly won the year for me. From traveling to places like Montreal and Quebec to regularly dancing through nights that felt like they could never end, 2015 had some really great times.

This year I plan to focus more on developing my career, structure my new blog (thanks for reading 🙂 ) so that there is a regular schedule of content and if everything goes according to plan buy a house with my love (!!!)

Can’t wait to have you all along for the ride!

currently listening to: Chillaxin By The Sea by Gramatik


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