getting my feet wet (literally)

Last week I started on what I expect to be a long exciting journey into photography.  My wonderful boyfriend got me photography classes as a birthday gift and that prompted the need for an updated camera and gear.

 After the first class on Thursday we were tasked with shooting for at least 3 hours a week outdoors.  This poses a little problem since my day job is from 8:30-5:30 and daylight doesn’t align well with that…  The future holds lots of lunch break photo adventures for sure!

This weekend a massive snowstorm crippled most of the east coast and sitting in New Haven, Connecticut we enjoyed a little over a foot of what my boyfriend called “the most perfect snowball snow ever”.  Needless to say a winter wonderland walk was in order and I busted the camera out to test the settings/learn how to use it!

Over the course of this journey I plan to do the #dogwood52 challenge and this week was head shot portraits. So part of the walk was completing class assignments and part was finding a way to build in the challenge.

Here are some of my favorites from the very wet walk.  It would be correct to assume that whiskey hot chocolates and lots of cocktails helped me warm back up afterwards!


So curious about the perfect snowballs? Here is Kyle helping me work with movement for one of my class projects.  This is also what I am using to complete the dogwood photography challenge for the week 4 portrait.


Currently listening to: Okay by Holy Ghost!

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