diy: diamond piñata

Recently I was tasked with finding a piñata for a bridal shower. Truth be told, the selection in stores is pretty bad unless you are throwing a child’s birthday party. Being crafty I instantly did a buy vs build analysis and quickly nixed the idea of purchasing one.

For the shower I wanted a diamond shape and walked into this with a clear vision of how this would look.  I toyed with a flat shape which would have been super easy but, again I knew what I wanted and that was not going to do it for me.

This story starts right after a trip to Ikea where I was left with a boatload of cardboard from my purchase.  Next I needed to head to Michael’s for some basic supplies.

If you are not lucky enough to have excess cardboard on hand, it is important that you look for thin cardboard that is only one layer.

After my trip to Michael’s I had cardboard, tape, the handy wired frame pictured above, string, and some tissue paper.

First up with developing a template for the diamond which the frame really helped with.

From there I needed to assemble my diamond and tape it together with an opening to add your goodies (I used plastic alcohol nips).  This is intended to be bashed open so go easy with the tape and sealing it shut!

Next up was the fun but uber time consuming part of all of this. Tassles. Everywhere. Layered and even. Now I knew my color scheme but this is where you can get really fun and have some creative freedom.

I separated all the colors to keep it easy to layer but that is up to you. I also found using a skirt or pant hanger to be an easy way to cut the initial 2 inch strips and keep the paper in place.  Heads up- the shiny material is a bit harder to cut even strips!

Get yourself a mag of wine for the layering because this part takes time. I broke it up in two days because my pinata was large.

During this process I kept thinking “why isn’t there a tassel section in Michaels?” and “could I do this for a living and enter the piñata market?” … Last night I had a dream about being in Mexico in the middle of the 5th avenue of piñatas. Clearly this has gotten to my head.

In total I would say this is a fairly easy project if you have the time for it!

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