new tea tuesday: earl grey de la crème

Let’s start this by imagining your favorite drink ever.  Now let’s find a way to make it twice as good.

That is what happened to me with this really amazing Earl Grey de la Crème from Steeped Tea. Since I am in a fairly goofy mood right now let’s categorize this tea as: grey-t

So who is Steeped Tea first of all?

Recently I played the part of super bridesmaid and attended a bridal expo.  I was so happy to see a complimentary mimosa booth since a few cocktails are pretty much need to survive those types of events. Not being the bride there really is not much fanfare about attending, the people working the booths really could care less after you tell them politely that you are, in fact, just a bridesmaid.  Thank goodness they give brides stickers to announce their presence.

Okay, so here I am dodging venues and photographers when I stumbled on a booth where the company had samples of tea. Now I was probably a few mimosas in at this point and definitely wanted something not champagne to sip on for a moment.  What a moment that was.  The booth was for a tea party host (I can’t believe I haven’t seen these sooner) that comes to your house with food and drink made from the teas and even tea cocktails if you want!  So you know at this point I entered the raffle!

Turns out I won! While the prize was a coupon (people:coupons are not prizes for the record) I did take advantage and place an order to see what this was all about.

The tea in this review is hands down the best earl grey I have ever tasted. I could not believe how pleasant the flavor is. It really transports you to that happy place with each sip.  There is this wonderful caramel like flavor and the floral tones jump out without overpowering the earl grey. This would be equally delicious as a hot or an iced tea.


I wish there was a way I could share with each of my readers just how good this is. I might plan a giveaway and include this in it.

So this tea is not only fragrant and delicious but it also really pretty to admire the leaves. I always take a moment to appreciate the tea itself before I brew it and this one had some really stunning bright blue cornflower petals that jump out in the sea of black tea leaves.

 On top of my sheer delight in discovering this tea blend, I then found a recipe for waffles to make with it! I recently have begun adventuring in cooking with tea and infusing liquor with tea so this is top of my list to try.


currently listening to: Happy Up Here by Royksopp <- which also compliments my feelings towards this tea!

3 thoughts on “new tea tuesday: earl grey de la crème

      1. It was fabulous ! Thanks for asking 😇 I love tea btw and looking at those waffles made me super hungry ! I don’t have a waffle iron so I’m making French toast to satisfy my craving 😘


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