what i want: kitchen edition

Me and my boyfriend of nearly 5 wonderful years are finally ready to purchase a house (!!!).  It has been a crazy journey of saving money and looking at dozens of houses but we are finally so close that we can feel it.

Currently we live in a charming neighborhood called East Rock, which is the Yale grad student neighborhood of New Haven, CT.  We love living here but the housing options cost a pretty penny and for the places we want it would put us out for much more than we had planned to spend.  That pushes us to two target neighborhoods nearby.

Now the houses are old, early 1900s in the New Haven area so there are a number of unusual things we have come across so far in our house hunt: butlers quarters, two kitchens, one for the chef to prep and one for the family. So many things that make you curious for the days when some wealthy doctor or lawyer lived in the house and people actually had butlers and live in chefs (cue in the fading Downton Abbey lifestyle cut back a notch or two).  Now they are a bit more “lived in” and normal people like me and Kyle can snatch one up for $300k-ish.

So last week we looked at two houses which I felt we were destine to see, well until we actually saw them.  Both had some really great qualities but the kitchens oooOOOOooo nnnnoooOOOoooo!  The kitchens were so bad that we couldn’t even imagine how much money it would take to make them function-able.

My kitchen wish list includes:

  • lots of light
  • space for two people to cook together
  • storage space
  • ability for a gas stove

rug kitchen

I don’t think that is too much to ask for but quickly realized we need to get creative with our options. This takes me straight to Pinterest in a world of budget-less renovation options and endless beautifully designed rooms to swoon over.

As you can see I really love wood details, my boyfriend drifts towards modern accents. With New Haven being such an old area there are definitely options that have, or could have nice wood and brick accents.  That is not to say that a nice clean white kitchen would not be perfectly wonderful too.

The other downside on this hunt is storage. Cabinet space is lacking in a number of spaces we have seen (unless there are butlers pantries!) so I started looking into options for creative storage too.  Pinterest loves this kind of thing and the people did not let me down.

The great thing about house hunting is that we know we will be changing the rooms, doing some renovating and personalizing the space to be our own so as long as it is structurally possible and fairly within our budget we can see past what is there now.

Before my fantasy for the perfect kitchen takes over my life, I first need to find a house. Luckily I LOVE thrift shopping and bargain hunting so with a keen eye and a target in mind I cannot wait to see what the end result will be.

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