There was a common theme that kept creeping into day-to-day activities last week and finally it became clear to me that I should take more moments to express how appreciative I am to the people and moments that make up my world. Sitting enjoying my morning cappuccino here are some things that make me really happy on this gloomy Monday morning.

Literally as I wrote that last statement my drink flew all over my desk, all over my monitor and all over my folders and onto practically every paper item I had. So let’s really think of some nice moments together and om that Monday energy off of my cappuccino scented desk.

  1. Collaborations- Last week was awesome in exploring a number of collaborative opportunities for projects and guest posts. If I spent all of my free time talking about collaborating on creative projects I would love that. Expect cool things on the horizon.
  2. Art– I entered a piece into the student art show at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven. My boyfriend is so wonderful in getting me to embrace my creative side, encouraged me to take a leap into photography and now here I am submitting a piece into the student art show! Below is the unedited, unframed version that I entered and titled “Fleeing”. This was taken at Yale University.
  3. Family- My nephew came over to celebrate his 14th birthday and we spent the afternoon at the Basketball Hall of Fame and a Dr Seuss Sculpture Garden!
  4. Spring– First flowers are popping up!!!!
  5. New M.Gemi shoes are in the mail– I can not wait to get these babies in my hands!
  6. Sunday Morning Spring Cleaning– we deep cleaned the whole house and that gave me all of the happy feels 🙂
  7. New Concert Tickets– so we are going to see STRFKR and Com Truise at New Haven’s great music venue College Street Music Hall





currently listening to: Feeling it All Around by Washed Out

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