new tea tuesday: la vie en rose

My blog is paisleyrosie

My name is Crystal Rose

My favorite jewelry is usually rose gold

And now we will talk about Kusmi Rose Green Tea.

Subtle & mild are not words to describe this tea even though it is self described as delicate. For a floral green this has a strong flavor and an even more powerful fragrance. It really is a treat for those who enjoy a more bold tea, which is my personal preference.

Now this tea tastes like spring so today is a fitting day to try this out. Spring crocuses are popping up and today is a whopping 61 degrees here in Connecticut (!)

I will warn that like all green teas, take caution not to burn this. No one likes a burnt tea so do yourself a favor and brew it properly!

For me, enjoying this was complete with a chocolate salted snack that perfectly rounded out the enjoyable mood that the tea created.  Highly recommended if you are looking to treat yo self!

While you are at it here is a little incentive to try it now: Kusmi is donating 20% of all purchases of any eligible Rose green tea products to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® from October 1, 2015 through May 31, 2016. (learn more here)


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3 thoughts on “new tea tuesday: la vie en rose

  1. Let’s have a Tea Party… to quote from your blog page ! I bet Rose tea would be too strong, but I am interested in branching out from black (Tetley British Blend), green (Tazo Zen), and variations of chamomile (Sleepytime and Peach Passion) – my staples!

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