new tea tuesday: with an irish twist

If you have been following my blog (thank you!) you probably figured out by now that I have a thing for tea. For today’s New Tea Tuesday post I thought it would be fitting to put a bit of an Irish twist on this and show you one of my FAVORITE infusions just in time for St Patrick’s Day.

Today we are going to merry up bourbon with tea and I promise if you are into those two things you will be a huge fan of this.  Now I love bourbon drinks and really embrace the old fashioned cocktail. It is my go-to if I am at a bar that specializes in cocktails of the amber hue.

I started doing liquor infusions because personally I enjoy the flavor of the cocktail coming from the liquor rather than a simple syrup, which could also be infused with favors. Reducing sugar intake is such a common theme in diets and health trends so this helps cut some unneeded sugars.

Let’s get to it!

Step one: grab some bourbon and tea.  I gravitate towards my two staples; Kusmi earl grey and Bulleit Bourbon.

Step two (optional): go ahead and make yourself a cocktail.  I made an old fashioned to drink while I did this infusion.


Step three: using whatever method you prefer for steeping your tea (bags, tea ball, french press ect) put your tea into the steeper.  I used a to-go tea cup with a built-in steeper. Now there are all kinds of questions that could come up here. How much tea should be used, as an example? That depends on how much bourbon you are using or how strong you want this.  I did a couple of spoons full for mine which had about a half a mason jar of bourbon.


Step four: add your bourbon (or whatever other liquor you prefer (hello vodka))

Step five: let your liquor infuse overnight. Strength in flavor will come with time so if you like a strong flavor let it sit. For mine I did a 24 hour infusion so I could really get the flavor I wanted. Also since I was using Earl Grey I got a really nice coloring too!

Step six: make your cocktail and enjoy!

Here is a good comparison for you of the old fashioned with and without the Kusmi earl grey infusion. The fox is with and the hound is without.  What a difference in color right? The only change between the two was the infused bourbon, aside from the infusion both are Bulleit Bourbon.
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One thought on “new tea tuesday: with an irish twist

  1. Hi it is Melanie here, Can I apologise for my previous pickle! My first blog was a muddle, so deleted it and started a fresh. So glad I did, as it looks much better! I would appreciate your support and following as a fellow blogger and hopefully this time it will be much smoother! Thank you kindly and I look forward to your upcoming posts πŸ™‚


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