it’s all happening

So I wasn’t able to keep up on my New Tea Tuesday post this week but for a good reason….we found our new house and lucky for us the offer was accepted! Since that happened over the weekend, the start of this week has been packed with a non-stop flurry of calls with all the many, many specialists involved in the process. Talk about serious multi-tasking!

Along the way I keep feeling so blessed to have such a great team of people to be working with on this: first and foremost my rock and love-partner in crime-and all around fantastic boyfriend who also acts as my sedative at times by keeping me calm when I need it most! Couple him with our amazing realtor (who we could not have gone this far without),  my long time personal attorney, financial planner and a great mortgage professional and we have a winning team lined up to close on this dream house.

It is amazing how everything is just falling in place.

If you have been following my blog you may have seen a variety of home wish list items in my fairly new “what I want” series (see: what i want: kitchen edition what i want: bathroom edition). Now that I have the home part locked down I can’t stop imagining how to personalize the rooms to actually be what we want them to be.

Expect a lot out of the “what I want” series in the next few months.  We close in June so I have plenty of time to visualize the house and figure it all out. Luckily the house is very move in ready and recently updated so most of the work is all personalizing it, not knocking down  walls and demoing the house.

Here is my list of items I plan to do on the sooner side of moving in:

  1. Converting a small bedroom into a walk in closet/powder room 
  2. Transforming the partially finished basement from a kids playroom, carpeted set up, into a more fully finished bar/game room. 
  3. Creating a nice couple of comfortable outdoor spaces in both the patio and grass parts of the backyard.   

We will be doing the bulk of the work ourselves, and along the way I know I will have plenty of help from my good friend and home renovator Matt from Mertz Company. I plan to absorb all of his wisdom throughout this process and share a lot of it with you since many people have reached out to me about being in similar situations! Expect to hear a lot of great advice from Matt as we get into the weeds of this process and start making changes!!

Here are some of the pearls of wisdom that Matt has already passed my way and I couldn’t wait to share:

  • Make sure that the home you are thinking about purchasing has good bones.
  • If you have your heart set on making an extra bedroom into a walk-in closet get creative about a design that could turn the room back into a bedroom when/if the time comes to sell the home. If you take away a bedroom and make it into a walk-in closet you are actually taking value away from your home. I was always taught that you must think about resale value when house hunting because you may sell it one day so any renovation that you do in the time that you are living there should be geared to adding value to the property.

Thanks to Matt for the great advice and all of the fantastic professionals who are helping us become first time homeowners the right way!

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