new tea tuesday: no.47 bellocq queen’s guard

It is so dreary out today. Rain and fog are all that I see looking out my window overlooking quaint downtown Middletown and the Connecticut river.  Days like today I absolutely love being a tea fanatic. There is something about a cool, damp day that really welcomes a good cup of tea.

Being the avid tea consumer that I am, Bellocq has always been one of those companies that I had on my must try list. They are located in Greenpoint which is one of my favorite parts of Brooklyn NY.

While on my recent vacation I stumbled upon an adorably displayed collection of Bellocq and did everything I could to resist buying one of each variety while shopping at the Paris Market in Savannah. I told myself to just pick one, and only a bag -not one of the beautiful yellow large tins, just in case.

 After trying this first tea now I really feel I must invest some time exploring everything this company releases. One of the things I also love is that they create candles with the fragrances of the teas, which based on this rainy day, I can only imagine how amazing it would be to sip the rest of this cup with one of the of the beautiful copper candles burning at my desk, glowing and filling the room with the fragrant rose and lavender aroma of this beautiful blend.


So what has me so mesmerized over here? No 47. The Queen’s Guard.

This black afternoon tea has really great aroma. My coworker walked in my office moments ago complimenting me and asking if I was wearing perfume, which oddly enough I had forgotten to put on this morning. The rose and lavender are so calming and really perk up the grey in my day. I happen to be wearing red and purple flowered blouse today to the pairing is entirely perfect. At first this tea faintly reminds me of one of my favorite floral earl grey teas but then immediately stands out on its own.

I love it..This definitely warrants a visit to the store in Greenpoint on my next trip. Since starting this post I already placed an order to try out 8 other teas.

Currently listening to: In the Waiting Line by Zero 7



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