smells ring bells

It always amazes me how much a [good] fragrance can transport you instantly back to special moments throughout your life. Thinking of childhood memories, first dates, exotic vacations, even food.

Recently I noticed my go-to perfume was starting to run dangerously low. It was from a collection I found at Anthropologie called Momentary Escape from Illume.  The fragrance was Blackberry Absinthe. It was fruity, floral and earthy but also had this darkness to it. I love it. It reminded me of my fun outgoing personality but also my adventurous, down for whatever side. Midnight sessions jumping rooftops in my old city of New London, dancing on the beach as the sun rose in Block Island. So many memories when I wear it. The fragrance just spoke to me and I wear it all the time. Day and night.

When I noticed it was running low I popped into Anthropologie to re-up on my old fave while also finding something new.  I have to stop here for a moment to explain that large perfume stores overwhelm me. I love shopping at Anthro because there is just the right amount of fragrance in the store but also other things I can do if my senses become overwhelmed, like hop over to the sale section and peruse the random goodies.

While I was there I discovered my Blackberry Absinthe is no longer sold at Anthro but I did score three fragrances to fall in love with.  One of the things I was seeking as a small, purse sized perfume for touch ups throughout the day along with two full sized other fragrances. Immediately after I left, I went onto the Illume website and stocked up there, while also getting a candle in that fragrance.

I love layering scents which is why my purse has a different fragrance then the large ones I keep throughout my house. I find it helps keep up with my mood changing throughout the day. Anyone else a big fan of layering?

So now I will be enjoying some new smells and memories. My favorite so far as been Lily Wood from Royal Apothic which I am wearing at the moment (sorry Blackberry Absinthe).  It has a similar smell to the blackberry one but much more bold and adventurous. I love that. We have a client conference this week and I am doing my best to kill it at work. This smell is totally energizing that momentum. I also love the gorgeous bottle it came in. One of my other favorite things about this is how well it layers with the smaller one I grabbed, Summer Rose.

I still have yet to wear She Knew He Was Forever but I can tell that will be perfect for date nights and days with important client meetings! I love how it is purchased in a box that looks like a book!

What are your favorite fragrances? Do you lean towards floral, earthy or fruity? Adventurous, flirty or subtle?

currently listening to: I Met You by Anna Lunoe and Flume

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