new tea tuesday: no.22 bellocq national parks dept

Yet again it is rainy and cloudy here in Connecticut for new tea tuesday.  I actually love that because rainy days are my favorite for drinking tea, listening to great music and enjoying a little afternoon treat.

My last tea review was of Bellocq Queen’s Guard and I shared that I would be stocking up on tons more to try! Well unfortunately the mixed box I ordered was cancelled because it was out of stock but I did get the rest of my order and was so happy to dive right into to these new teas!

img_0054Today I will be sharing with you National Parks Dept.  This tea is very earthy and that is actually perfect because right before I popped it open and brewed my cup I was thinking I wanted to take a break from work and be outside.  I hopped in my car and went on a nice rainy day car ride through the back roads of Connecticut.  Instant relaxation.  As soon as I got back I wanted to have some tea so I picked this one out. Perfect combo with my mood.

Earthy, damp with tones of some berry totally take over this black tea.  Closing my eyes for a moment that favor just transports me right to a long hike in the woods with towering trees, leaves and pine needles crunching at my feet. All of the sudden after following a kinda hidden path a gentle waterfall appears rolling over the stones and it is just perfect.

This is what I imagine:


Talk about an adventurous tea.  Does anyone else transport to amazing daydreams while drinking tea or is that just me? This one was beautiful and warming and filled with a really lovely bit of berry on the back end.  Maybe it was the name of the tea, maybe it was just the amazing blend but this tea is definitely a perfect rainy afternoon tea.

I happen to know a great hidden waterfall near me that I now want to go to! Maybe tomorrow for my lunch break…


***For those of you interested in knowing this, I am currently exploring some upcoming posts involving matcha as that is a tea I only order in cafes but never have bought for home or work… I think I need to fix that and would welcome your suggestions/favorites. I lean towards ceremonial Japanese (organic) but let me know if I am missing anything!***

Currently listening to: At the River by Groove Armada

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