new tea tuesday: kusmi vert troika

As a lifelong Earl Grey fan I have probably over a dozen varieties that I really enjoy and drink on the regular.  Earl Grey is a good staple in my opinion as a pantry must have. Most guest who stay overnight at my house tend to request either that or an English Breakfast in the morning so I especially like having a few options for them to select from. It makes starting the day just a bit more interesting a fun (I think at least!).

The varieties I have tend to differ based on the range of citrus and floral notes being blended. Orange, lemon, lime, rose, lavender and on and on…. I love black tea and spend probably 80% of my tea drinking time enjoying a black tea. Something with a bold strong flavor.

What I like about today’s tea is that this is actually a green tea which reminds me entirely of an Earl Grey! Yep! Every now and then I find that this tea offers that little unique something different I have been craving.  It is like seeing a great friend from high school after a long lapse and so much has amazingly not changed between you two, but little details here and there are different.


I don’t drink this tea as often as some of my other staples so that when I do the character of the green tea just jumps right out at me.  “The greys” are in my rotation weekly … this Kusmi Vert Troika is probably an every other month tea, and that is soo intentional.

If you follow my new tea tuesday series, you may have noticed I have a thing with Kusmi Tea. At one point I posted a funny tweet about wanting to change my facebook relationship status to “married to Kusmi”. That is a real thing.

I really love most of the teas Kusmi offers and this one is a great example of a blend that I enjoy and I can’t really recall anything similar out there to compare it to.  While it is not branded as an Earl Grey this tea definitely has the bergamot flavor that most grey lovers enjoy.  That blended with mandarin and orange citrus elements reminds me with every sip of the other really citrus-y black tea blends that I find in my normal rotation.

If you enjoy being adventurous with your Earl Grey’s or just love a good citrus based green tea this is definitely worth a try!

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4 thoughts on “new tea tuesday: kusmi vert troika

    1. Chloe – it is so worth it to check out Kusmi. It’s so bad this isn’t part of one of the samplers so you can try a variety of their tea but they do send you three other samples of other teas if you order direct. Amazon also started to carry kusmi recently but I like to buy direct 😉 if you are going to place an order with them let me know and I can check for any promo codes I have from them!

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