There comes a time in a girls life when gravity and age just smack you in the face. Most of us 30 somethings are probably learning that lesson at this stage in our life.

It’s funny to think about my routine in my 20’s compared to now.  Somehow magically I had the time and patience to keep my nail polish perfectly applied and replace it when it chipped. Eyeliner and perfect brows were totally a thing and every outfit I tried on in stores was perfect. At least looking back, that is how I remember my 20’s.

Some things don’t change; like not leaving the house without mascara on most days. Other things, like my new found need to drench my face in moisturizer on a daily basis, are the new norm.

I am fine with the change and for the most part embrace all the grey hairs. I earned them right? I find it kinda funny how I spent my 20’s so concerned about completely covering them up, where as these days I just get highlights that blend them in.

With all of the changes [hello spanx!] I wanted to share some of my favorite staples with you.

One of my favorite new routines is a good spritz of toner before applying my moisturizer. I love it and have a couple that I like to use. The organic rosewater toner from Botanics leaves me feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the day! For the 8-9 bucks it lasts a long time and it definitely worth it.

For moisturizers I am a diehard for Pond’s.  The moisturizers and cleansers are something that I am starting to wonder how I ever lived without. I take the moisturizers everywhere. I have it in my dressing area. My office. My travel Bag. I have the makeup removing cleanser in the shower. Full size. Travel Size. I would literally be a lizard without them.  When I was a kid I remember loving the vintage ads and thinking it was so glamorous.. Literally it makes me feel like Melisandre when she takes of the necklace if I go a few days without wearing it.

My best lesson learned in my 30’s so far is to find time to detach from daily stress and just be at peace for a little while.  That could be a simple stroll in a park or dining solo in a restaurant, which by the way solo dining was most certainly a thing I never did in my 20’s!

The toll stress takes on your body, mind and soul is just too heavy however in my book the lines that your smile leaves you with are well worth it!

currently listening to: I’ll Take Care of U by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx


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