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I am a sucker for subscription boxes. It makes it so easy to add a few fun pieces into the rotation that stretch my style a little bit and let me try elements that I would otherwise not purchase (hello animal print!)

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of both my Rocksbox and LeTote which should be arriving any day now!  While I sit here refreshing the shipping tracking on my next sets I thought I would share with you some of my past faves!

So here are the differences between the two:

LeTote gives you three pieces of clothing and two accessories in each box, sometimes more if you purchase a piece in your last set!  It also has the ability to add more clothing or jewelry so if you have a special occasion around the corner, planning is easy.  LeTote has gotten pretty amazing at learning my size and styles I like.  They make suggestions for you on fit based on past comments, like how stretchy the fabric is or if it is tight around the chest, as examples.  I especially love seeing all the photos of real subscribers in the clothing because we all know models vs us is like “Ya Ok!?” Initially when your box is ready, they pick pieces for you to have in the box but then, and this is clutch, they give you time to swap them out if you would rather something else.  Like something, just keep it and you get charged at a discounted rate, and send the rest back. You don’t even need to wash it- they take care of all of that. Love the box and you get a sweet deal plus the next month rental free.

Rocksbox sends out sets of three pieces of jewelry curated around the styles you love.  They ask for feedback after each box so that they can continue to add styles you love.  One of my favorite parts of the package is that each month I have $10 to spend sitting in my account so if I like a piece a lot I can keep it for a pretty affordable cost. Compliments for days whenever I wear these pieces. As soon as you finish a set just mail it back and a new one gets sent out.

Recent LeTote Faves —


Recent Rocksbox faves —

For more examples from my Rocksbox check out my pinterest board and see everything I have gotten plus everything I loved so much I purchased! And don’t forget to follow my instagram to see all of my favorites subscriptions from Rocksbox to LeTote to Stella&Dot to The Zoe Report Box of Style!

Wanna try a free month of Rocksbox? Use code crystalbff129 and fall in love with your new bling just in time for summer!

Interested in a free month of LeTote? Let me know and I can send you a link to try it!



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