new tea tuesday: give me wings

You know those Red Bull commercials where the characters keep get wings after drinking an energy drink? Well I do not drink energy drinks, but I definitely need some wings.

I feel like ever since Memorial Day I have been completely full. Like maxed out, no room for more. I hate that feeling. Waking up feeling full is so … gross! Even when I get to work the thought of drinking anything (even tea!) has me all like nope! You know by now that I love tea and drink it nonstop but walking around stuffed with great food has started to make me feel like I need wings like in those commercials.

Hitting up the gym and drinking tons of water has me in reset mode, which clearly I needed. While I normally saturate my tea time in heavy black teas, lately I have been wanting to feel not weighed down by anything, even a cup of tea. That naturally got me craving a light green tea with some flavor but not something that would leave me feeling heavy after.  I have all kinds of detox teas, which I love, but I wasn’t seeking a detox per say more of just a refreshing drink that took me away from the constant water I’ve been wading in lately.
When Buddha’s Herbs reached out to me recently to try their teas, I knew it was what I was looking for.  A light green tea with herbal blends that would lift me up not weigh me down.  The timing was good too because so far the teas I have tried would make refreshing iced teas!


Today I am drinking a tea called Wings which is a blended tea consisting of Green Tea, Ginger Root, Lemon Grass, Guarana, Roseroot, Cinnamon and Cardamom.  I gravitate to teas with Cardamom and/or Lemon Grass so I knew I would love this one.


I found this to really give me the “wings” I was looking for. It perked up my mood and actually gave me some energy which was no doubt attributed to the herbal blend that complimented the green tea.

Definitely recommended for anyone looking to expand into the world of herbal teas.


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