sudsy sipping

After work showers are my jam. Weekend bubble baths are the things dreams are truly made of. Early morning pre-work showers on the other hand are torture. A rude awakening with the only purpose to literally rudely wake me up.

It dawned on me that I don’t think I have a single male friend who openly admits to enjoying the occasional shower beer or glass of wine in a bubble bath.ย Flick the switch to my lady friends and we love having a drink while in the tub.

Why is that? Do guys just not talk about it, or is really that they just don’t find the same level of relaxation as some of the rest of us while in the shower?

I embrace it. Celebrate it.

As we prepare to move into our new house I have totally been checking outย some more tubs on Pinterest and can’t wait to transform the bathroom into my personal sanctuary! Bathrobes, candles, a humidity proof speaker and no lie maybe even a little wine rack are all items I have been eyeing recently.

If you missed my post a few months ago drooling over bathroom designs check it out here.

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