the zoe report: 2016 summer box of style

Getting subscription boxes is super fun. There is this element of surprise, instantly falling for new unexpected pieces and also from time to time a whomp, whomp let down. Zoe Report just does it so well and puts so many other subscriptions to shame.

This is my third Box of Style from The Zoe Report. In the past I have walked away with so many wonderful scores. A stunning Alexis Bittar ring I adore, my new use-it-all-the-time leather bucket bag, dry shampoo, my favorite ear buds and on and on the list goes. It is without fail that I always find new favorites in every box.


Here are some of those past faves:


When a package arrived at my house this week it had completely slipped my mind that the next box was in the mail. Surprisingly I had not ordered anything in a little while so opening it I was a bit curious at what could be in the package.


There is was in all of its glory, my next Box of Style. If you follow The Zoe Report, you know that they leak a few of the featured items to boost sales before shipping the boxes so I knew some pieces that would be there, but only a couple.

Now I knew that the beach cover up was not going to be my style, no worries because there was bound to be tons of other great scores in the box, plus I knew my sister would love it (and she did)

  • sunnies √
  • moisturizing SPF √
  • beachy wave spray  √
  • edgy matching jewelry set √
  • quick drying hair turban √

This is a beach ready set for sure and just in time for my trip to Block Island next weekend!

Next step-grabbed my bag (from the spring box which no lie I use all the time; today even) sunnies on, spritz in the hair, spf applied and I was off to the CT shoreline 😉

Now the Box is $100 a season or $350 a year and comes packed with over $100 worth of expertly curated, seasonally appropriate goodies. I do the annual pricing so it saves me $50 (score!).  To get $10 off of a box of your own follow this link!

currently listening to: You Hear Colours by CFCF

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