new tea tuesday: bellocq no.35 the earl grey

I have said it before and I will say it over and over again. Earl Grey is my favorite tea.

I have countless varieties of it and always have a perfect one to compliment my mood at any given time. Even when I travel I generally pack some Earl Grey with me because who are we kidding, most hotels have terrible tea.

This week we are talking about another wonderful tea from Bellocq Tea Atelier in Brooklyn NY No.35, The Earl Grey which is an organic black tea Ceylon blend with Sicilian bergamot and organic blue cornflowers.

Side note: for my tea loving friends out there…is it me or has blue cornflower just taken over the world of premium loose tea? It is everywhere. Now I enjoy admiring my loose tea so no complaints but I am not sure when it comes to the flavor if there is anything it contributes or if those bright blue pedals are entirely aesthetics.


To put it simply, this tea is perfect if you love an Earl Grey style tea. It is bold with a delicious bergamot flavor. It does have a very light floral element so perhaps that cornflower does contribute in a mild way to the overall composition of the tea, but I was also searching my taste buds to find any flavor connected with those pretty flower pedals.

Is there an Earl out there that you think I should try? Let me know! I am always interested in expanding my collection with HRH. Cheers


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7 thoughts on “new tea tuesday: bellocq no.35 the earl grey

    1. It is super delicious… Are you able to find Bellocq in boutiques or online? You are based in the uk right? I don’t know if they ship internationally but we have super similar tastes in tea from what I have read so if you have issues ordering let me know and I can help!

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