new tea tuesday: clipper rise and shine sun tea

It’s summer which translates to me as sunnies and sun tea! I have a bit of a bad habit of getting iced teas at Dunkin and Starbucks so once the sunshine breaks out I love having a pitcher of sun tea in my fridge as a go to.

Sun tea is so easy to make, plus it has this wonderful flavor that I absolutely enjoy. So when I went to make my most recent batch of sun tea I wanted something that would have a little bit of a citrus zing to it and some unique flavors.  This batch I made with Clipper Rise and Shine.

Rise and Shine is an organic, natural, fair trade tea which means that when I sip on this delicious cup of sun tea, I am getting the best ingredients from tea growers and traders who value quality and ethics.

The tea itself is ideal for sun tea. It is an organic Yerba Mate which means that it is naturally loaded with good energy to charge my day.  Blended in is lemongrass, lemon verbena, licorice root and lemon peel.

To make sun tea you should always use a clean GLASS container.  It is very important that you do not use plastics as they can leak bacteria into the tea while it is cooking in the sun. I have seen many people use a plastic pitcher which is a BIG NO-NO!

Take 4-8 tea bags, depending on the strength you desire and drop it into pitcher filler with water.  Filtered water is my preference.

Next find a sunny spot in your backyard and let that baby cook for a few hours.You may need to move it from time to time depending on how your yard shades.

Once it is done, take it inside and let it cool in the fridge. After about an hour of cooling you should be good to go! I do not add ice to mine – because really, why water it down? Make some iced tea cubes if you like some extra chill.

I normally do not sweeten my tea but if that is your jam, go for it. Sweet tea is a southern classic, I prefer mine natural. As a little tip, I really enjoy a black tea as a sun tea- the flavor just jumps out!


Currently listening to: Walking on a Pretty Day by Kurt Vile

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