new tea tuesday: yerba mate

On a recent trip to Burlington Vermont I couldn’t help but stop at my favorite tea house, Dobra Tea.

The thing I love about Dobra Tea is that the owner puts so much pride and care into every single tea they serve. The owner actually visits each tea farm to ensure that the tea being grown and harvested lives up to the standards that they clearly strive to obtain.
Every tea, regardless of what you order, is brewed to the absolute definition of how it should be prepared. The serve ware and preparation are such a tribute to how much pride and attention they put into every single glass served.

I have been a devoted fan of Dobra Tea for over a decade and have yet to visit another tea room where attention to detail and quality is such a noble stable of the business model.  The location I visit is in Burlington, Vermont so I will have to make a point out of trying the Northampton, Mass location in the near future, I mean it is about 2.5 hours closer to be after all!! With 8 locations stretching from Oregon to Maine to the Carolina’s, I am sure you readers will have the opportunity to check them out if you try!

So one of my favorite teas to enjoy while sitting in any one of the beautifully designed seating areas, is the Chai, Chai, Chai.  Try that if you visit.

Today I want to share with you Yerba Mate.  I love the tradition and story that comes with this tea and since it speaks to many of the things I enjoy about Burlington, I wanted to share it with you.

Here is a snapshot from the description on the menu:

Mate is usually carried about by one person or shared in a circle of friends, one sipping the tea and then refilling the gourd with water before passing affectionately to the next friend.

It is good for late nights of study, reading. when the day’s mood needs and uplift, or for animated conversation with friends.

Now I was enjoying this with my boyfriend before we met some friends for the Vermont Brewers Festival. So this nice, earthy and grassy tea was shared between me and my love (he’s the one eating the sunset in the pic below ❤ ).

In the Vermont location, this tea is also offered with honey or with maple occasionally. I prefer it straight up, although the bitterness can be a bit intense for some.

The key to sharing Mate is to keep the leaves as dry as you can so that you can keep re-watering the gourd and passing it around.  To do this, water is poured down the silver drinking straw which has a straining mechanism on the bottom to prevent leaves from being sucked in.

Going to Dobra Tea is one of my favorite traditions and I am so happy to share this with you here.  Enjoy!

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