m.gemi private sale open to the public tomorrow

I fell in love hard and fast with M.Gemi after a friend showed me some shoes Felize she was majorly drooling over.  They were super customizable and she wanted them, bad. This was my intro to the Italian handmade shoe designer.

When I say I fell hard and fast, I mean hard and fast.

I wouldn’t say that we are friends, because that implies it is a two way street and who knows, but let’s just say me and the online chat assistant Eve have an unspoken thing going on.  The customer service is HANDS DOWN the best in the industry.  I don’t know who will read this but if you are Eve’s boss, give her a raise.  That girl is professional, funny and remembers me every time I go online or email with a question. She helps with everything she can and is tops.

Back to shoes.

I started off slow with one pair of the adorable smoking shoe The Stellato. This shoe radiates class and style while being incredibly comfortable.

The problem was I bought it in bright azure blue. That is not a day to day shoe for me so then I bought the same shoe in the natural tan color, blush. Perfect.  I mean this shoe and me have seen a thing or two together.

I’ve been crushing hard on The Fortuna, The Isola and The Cammeo. So when I got the invitation to early access for the Private Sale, let’s just say I jumped on it.

Within minutes of putting items in my cart they were already sold out. I had to act fast if I wanted anything in my size, which is 40. I really wanted The Stellato in black with leopard but just didn’t possess the speed that the cat print detail required. When the sales opens to the public I am definitely taking a look to see if this is available again (fingers crossed!)

I did walk away with another pair of The Stellato, this time in Hibiscus, as well as the beautiful cut out flats The Finestra, which I had my eye on. I can’t wait until Friday when they arrive.

Who doesn’t need another smoking shoe when you know you love it, right?

Do yourself a favor and take a dip in the sale when it opens tomorrow and if you chat with Eve tell her “Ciao” for me!

Want $25 off your pair of M.Gemi shoes?  ->>>>> get it here!

Currently listening to: Fall Harder by Skylar Spence




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