qi: the energy of everything, including wireless charging from ikea

The first time someone (ahem, Kyle) used the word Qi in Scrabble I thought it was bogus. Quickly I learned that 2 letter word and played it like crazy.


When Ikea introduced a line of QI wireless charging devices I was instantly interested. Of course like most things in life, it all started with a “super easy DIY” video I saw on Facebook where you can turn any piece of furniture into a wireless charging station with a drill, circular saw and the charging piece.  Easy right?

SELJE Nightstand with wireless charging, white $59.99

I went to Ikea and got all of the parts I saw in the DIY video and put them into my bright yellow bag. Then it happened.  I found a whole section of stylish pre-made charging end tables and lights and a portable charging platform.  Now that is easy (and I might not end up with an epic DIY fail!).

Ikea products
Wireless Chargers Hidden in Plain Sight

I grabbed the portable charger and compatible case for my iPhone 6 and was so excited to head home and finally cut the cord from my charger.

Ikea chargers
Wireless Charging Pads
Phone Covers

Like most people out there, I have been cursed with charging cords that seem to wither away and destroy themselves.  The casing breaks and then the wires fray. Buy a non-compatible case and the phone takes longer to charge. Such a mess. Being able to cut the cord that connects directly to the phone is great!

So pros and cons:


  • I love that the phone has the ability to charge without needing to be on the cord.
  • The built-in USB port makes charging another phone really easy (like my Android work phone I still need to get a wireless charging case for!)
  • I love that I can get another charging station for work and with more spots for additional phones once I get another charging case.
  • The design is really appealing to me. It is clean and modern and looks great everywhere.  It is super versatile and fits both my home and work life!!


  • The phone needs to be pretty close to right on top of the X in order to charge, which means if I put it on the platform and walk away without confirming the charging status, it may not actually be charging.  I think this is a learning curve I will be able to adjust to.
  • The case is not super cute.  It is a… standard black case.  My old case had built-in credit card holders and was so convenient if I wanted to leave my purse at home.  I am sure they will launch most adorable chargers down the road, so for now I will keep the credit card holding case as a backup if I want to use it when I don’t need to charge.
  • If you are like me, you probably will still use your phone to look on Etsy or Facebook while it is charging.  This can be a bit of a challenge since it needs to stay on the charging pod.  The good news is that no harm can come out of disconnecting from the internet and finding something fun to do instead like reading a book or starting a fun home improvement project.  Streaming music on the other hand to my Jawbone while I soak in a bubble back or to the receiver while I do things around the house is easy!
  • UPDATED CON 😦 – I cant use my phone case at the gym with my headphones. The case is too bulky to fit my earbuds plug in. It wont stay in 😦 😦 So I guess for the gym I will have to not use the case.  That is a bit frustrating and would be great to see some improvements down the road!

Overall, the pros definitely out weigh the cons and all of the cons will fix themselves with time.  I wish there was a USB version so I can also put one in my car since I got on long drives but I bet that is something I can find outside of Amazon.


Currently listening to: Catamaran by Allah-Las

UPDATE: So I made it a whole 7 hours after I posted this before I decided to go online and order another charging pad for my desk at work.  I love it that much!!

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