new tea tuesday: river mist green tea

Driving into work this morning I was in an admitted funk. I fell asleep reading tweets on the Democratic Convention and the mess of a situation that the party is in. Torn over words, trust undeniably shattered.  Flip to last week at the Republican Convention and boy what a mess that was.

As I drove my 40 minute commute through the beautiful and windy Connecticut highway, The Merritt Parkway, I half listened to the commentators and stories of the opening night on NPR and half was in a daze.  Stories of boos and interruptions made me sad. I just wish people would get along and actually be united.  I am not one for politics, mainly just for peace and love, so this election years make me feel a bit bittersweet.  Friends on social media rip each other apart, simple words become epic slandering debates.  I hate it all.  Some people love it, and I guess that is cool too.

I took the elevator up to my office on the 9th floor and was thinking how much I wanted a cup of tea to put my mind at peace for a few minutes and subtract some of the discomfort out of my morning.  I got into my office and instantly let out a sigh of relieve. On most days my office is my happy place and one where I can listen to music, drink tea and focus on what the day has in store for me.

After searching through my collection, I found a tea I had not yet opened from my recent order to Mark T Wendell for River Mist Green Tea. Reading the description instantly put me at ease.

Grown in the morning mists and afternoon sun of a tea garden on the western bank of the Yang Tze River, this unusual Chinese green has abundant silver strands among the twisted green leaves and unopened buds. Now certified organic, Its supple, rich flavor is easy on the palate and a treat to drink.

Something really zen happened after I grabbed the tin and sat down at my computer.  I turned on the monitor, which has a constantly changing screen saver and this was what the image was:

It was like the universe was telling me this was right.  This moment was right.  This tea was right. The image was a powerful mountainous scene with a swift moving river rolling over the rocks and creating beautiful waterfalls.

I know some people don’t believe in that stuff.  Most probably. But for me it was a sign.

As I made my cup and walked through the office, I took a pit stop at my favorite window overlooking the Connecticut River and just paused, sipping this beautiful green tea. Perfect.  This was exactly what my morning was calling for. Peace, calm and a moment to release the tension that was gradually building up from all of the social unrest happening in the country, in the world.

I usually don’t get so political on my posts. I don’t believe is pushing feelings on other people with the expectation that they will instantly take hold of those same ideas. But the reason I wanted to share this moment with you was to show how important it is to relax, unwind and find the right way to make peace with whatever is digging into you. For me, one of the reasons that I love tea so much, is that this is my peacekeeper, my outlet to sip in some warming comfort and exhale whatever might be holding me down or making my day more challenging than it needs to be.  For some it is simply a cup of tea. For me it is much more.

Who knows if next time I have this tea if it will be such a breath of fresh air for me, but today it was my delicious escape from the hectic world for just a few sips, and I loved it.

The tea is a treat to drink, as the label describes. It is a full flavor tea for a green and really is cute how the leaves are so long and twisted. Initially when I went to put it in my tea-spoon the leaves were too long to fit and almost fought off being caged in that little metal spoon. Almost wild in a way and I loved that too.

I’d love to hear stories from you about how tea impacts your day and transforms you to your happy place. Let me know in a comment or send me your story to

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