new tea tuesday: like you have never seen before

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious already, New Tea Tuesday is one of my favorite parts of my blog.  I absolutely love sharing my passion for tea and getting emails and comments from readers with suggestions for new teas to try out!

When I started Paisley Rosie it was to open my mind to a world of new experiences, explore the things in life that make me happy, and most of all find fun new ways to be collaborating on posts.

No lie. I have had this collaboration in my “blog ideas” journal since before I started it. The inspiration came from a cool series of photos I saw of beer under a microscope. My personal Facebook  page has featured many of them as my cover photo.  While I knew that the Research Scientist Michael Davidson took these photographs for a project at Florida State University using really fancy equipment and processes, I figured there had to be something visually compelling if we tossed some tea under a microscope.

Cue in my girlfriend, Juliana Ansari. Juliana was a research associate at Yale School of Medicine when we first met and now has her doctorate (yes!) and is a Microbiologist who studies how bacteria attach to and interact with host organisms at Fairfield University.

Juliana is probably hands down one of the smartest people I know. Want proof check out her twitter Symbiologica and her website. Seriously do it.

There was no question in my mind that Juliana would be the perfect person to collaborate with on this project!

I’ll let Juliana take it from here:

Objects magnified to many times their size look – cooler!

My friend asked me if I would take a look at an unlikely subject, Tea, for her “Paisley Rosie” lifestyle blog.  I’m Julianaa huge fan of her photography and how her blog captures the essence of relaxing with a cup of tea or admiring sparkly jewelry, with miniature still life photos in gorgeous colors.  As a microbiologist, I usually look at living cells under the microscope, but when I began peering at the tea, I found that the dried plant ingredients had just as much personality as live ones when magnified 20 to 200 times!  Microscopy and photography are both all about LIGHT, so it’s a natural fit that photography under the microscope can yield all kinds of unique imagery.    The dried tea pieces bend and curve like knotted wood, and the wet petals and leaves evoke landscapes like caves, mountains or galaxies. Awaken your imagination with these otherworldly scenes created by magnifying and illuminating a simple pleasure: tea.


Tea: “Garden Party” blend from Trader Joe’s with apple, blackberry leaves, hibiscus, and rose petals. 

I can’t even begin to express how amazed I was when I got these images from Juliana! It is amazing to see the rose pedals and some of the really stunning shots she was able to capture!! I think these are my favorite three:

Thanks Dr. Ansari for collaborating on this post!

Curious what it tastes like? Ask her on twitter and follow her to see more of the cool projects she works on. 


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