life is too short to drink bad wine

My life was literally changed for the better two weeks ago when I F I N A L L Y purchased an aerator for my wine.

For years I have purchased wine by the case in addition to countless random bottles at the liquor store. My love for wine has always been mutual. I love it, and it loves me.  We get along great.  From parties to bubble baths to quiet nights in with my love and the kitties, wine has been my dedicated friend through many of my adult adventures.

It was at a party a few months ago (thank you Tyler and MJ) that I finally was convinced to buy an aerator.  Funny thing about all of this is I was actually drinking beer that night but was still able to realize the value being enjoyed by all around us.

The next day me and Kyle went out and bought an aerator. I had done a quick search for the best brands and found the same one from the party at Bed Bath and Beyond. Score!

As soon as we got home we did a taste test of the normal wine, a glass run through the Vinturi aerator, and then a glass which was aerated and then decanted for an hour.  The results were amazing.  The glass which had just been aerated was amazingly improved- and we started with a great wine!  I redid this test with many different bottles, even a $6 bottle. Impressive is an understatement.

A $15 bottle instantly transforms to a $25 bottle, $35 to a $45 and on and on.  Any wine drinker should own one.  At the party a sommelier told us that “wine is to people as air is to wine. It livens things up and makes us dance around.”

If you are a wine drinker, do yourself a huge favor and get one. This is what I bought and I have a tip, buy it on Amazon. It was $10 less then BB&B!

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2 thoughts on “life is too short to drink bad wine

  1. Nice post! I have had an aerator for the past 10 years or so – given as a gift. We use it all the time now. I just got my next (more decadent) wine toy – the Coravin. Do you know it? It allows you to extract wine from the bottle without removing the cork. Look it up. We moved to Napa Valley and some of our wines are pricey and I don’t want to have the whole bottle, just a sip (or two). Check out our California wine country blog at: and follow us if you like what you see.


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