not so secret garden

Lately it feels like I have been in a bit of a historic mood. Focusing on the beauty of the past and how the modern world grabs bits and pieces of it to incorporate into the hustle and bustle of our rushed lives.

I have always had a thing for gardens, especially ones that have other themed gardens to enjoy.  I grew up in a town that was called “The Rose of New England” and has a beautiful rose garden where I spent many of my days after high school.

My favorite thing about roses especially, is the sheer variety of amazing colors and names, some often very silly.  I think the funny naming is part of what I enjoy about roses.  They seem like such serious, formal flowers, but deep down they have so much personality and character.

My favorite movies as a child often had these wonderful gardens and I especially liked Victorian movies with formal gardens or wildly overgrown secret gardens. I always wanted a beautiful garden of my own to read in or relax in with a cup of tea. A little sanctuary filled with flowers that would know all of my secrets. Now I have a small garden in my new house and I just love being able to pick the roses and hydrangeas.

There has been one place I have been itching to visit and luckily for me Connecticut, with it’s rich history, is home it it. Elizabeth Park. America’s oldest public rose garden. Elizabeth Park opened in 1897 and the rose garden opened in 1904. For over 100 years the park has been home to weddings and greeted so many people who enjoy taking in the beauty that overflows from the many numerous manicured gardens.  Today, it is the third largest  rose garden in the country.

I was so happy to spend a recent afternoon exploring the park with my boyfriend and enjoying the beauty to be had around each corner and pathway.


Currently listening to Dominos by Gardens and Villa.  Listen to this and more on the Paisley Rosie featured songs Spotify playlist




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