new tea tuesday: heady, fragrant kashmir ….. (on a wednesday thanks to labor day)

Tell me that a tea is heady and filled with fragrances from lands faraway and you have my interest.


Serve this tea at my favorite tea house Dobra Tea, and you have my confidence in quality and ethical harvesting practices.


Show me this cute packaging and it is in my purse.


I have already shared my love for Dobra Tea in a past post (see yerba mate ) so it probably wont be much of surprise to learn that I never leave the shop without a couple fun teas to bring home and try.  It transports me back to the shop and makes me happy for days spent frolicking through the hippy fest that is Burlington Vermont.

I feel like I am in the weird in between stage where I am equal parts away from vacations and all I want it to toss on a casual skirt, flip flops and just chill for days. You know what I mean.

Just like mid vacation, I am mid work day and mid work week.  That mental getaway is soo needed and slipping off to a heady faraway land seems to me like the perfect break. Seriously- I thought today was Tuesday when I wrote this. It is Wednesday. Thanks Labor Day!


So the tea is very delish and most certainly filling my office with a wonderful smell of clove. I love it. The experience is definitely sending my mind on a bit of a momentary getaway, which I will chalk up to the oolong added into the blend of green and black tea.  Orange, clove, ginger and cinnamon all add to the charm of what I think is safe to say, a new favorite for me.


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