what i want: lasting first impressions

There is something to be said for the first moment of a new experience.  It sticks with you forever and leaves a lasting impression.

As we embrace the world of home ownership there is something I have wanted since the first time I laid eyes on our home.  A railing on the front steps.

I wanted something that was welcoming to our guests and would guide them into the nice entryway in our house.

To me there is something very nice about a curved railing that leads you in.  I have joked with my boyfriend for a long time that I have a more circular personality and his is much more linear. I just am drawn to curves- in nature, in design, in life.  It makes me think of continuing on.  Lines to me are so straight and firm and harsh feeling.  Curves feel more free spirit, which I happily will share is my natural approach to life.

I also wanted something that would start at our rose and hydrangea bushes and lead up to the doorway.  Something that eventually ivy could wrap around and add a bit of nature to the entry.  Inside our home there are plants at nearly every turn of the eye.  I love being surrounded by growth and want that element of nature to be a key piece in the railing design.

Here are some examples of styles I love, while we work to find a welder who can make our vision a reality:

Does anyone have advice or recommendations on styles we should consider? Let me know by leaving a comment with your suggestions or favorite choices. I think so far this one is my favorite:

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