new tea tuesday: lovely morning

When I first discovered Løv it was at a Kusmi store in Montreal. I didnt think I could love Kusmi Tea more than I already did and then I found the organic wing of the brand, Løv, and was instantly smitten. They put on their bags that Løv is all you need. I like to think that they are Beatles fans.Love was the bedrock of their success and the mantra they lived by.


The Beatles sing that love is all you need. In fact they use the word love 613 times in their songs.It was the eighth most used word by them.

For Løv Organic, løv is taken from the Scandinavian word for leaf. Nature is such strong part of my life. I want to be surrounded by plants and spend as much time as I can enjoying the beauty that is everywhere around me.

This morning I was enjoying the September Anthropologie collection, blogging and listening to the birds chirping all around me. It was so relaxing. I just knew I needed to add some Løv into the mix to make it perfect.

Enter Løvely Morning.

This organic green tea herbal blend is an absolute delight. Perfect for a relaxing start to the day.  The adorable french label calls it Le Rituel Du Matin or A Morning Ritual.  It certainly is lovely. Nothing too overpowering. Slight citrus notes compliment the green tea making it very enjoyable to sip on.


Currently listening to: Nature. The wind blowing, the birds singing. This will not be on any spotify playlist. Get outdoors and find your own music 😉

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