anthro home, you’re lovely but out of my budget

If you are like me and got the latest Anthropologie home magazine you probably are gooshing over all of the beautiful sets. Page after page after page after….

I absolutely love Anthropologie. Really I really really do.  My bank account on the other hand, not so much.  I usually set spending limits for myself whenever I plan a trip.

For me though the great thing about Anthropologie are the imaginative ideas.  Things that get my creative interior design wheels spinning.I can make or find almost any of those styles, the trick is just to do it.

Here are a few of my favorite things to consider next time you are looking to redecorate with that anthro, boho vibe:

  1. Bring the outside in. Plants, plants, plants. Adding some green into your living space adds a sense of serenity and calm. I have plants all over my house.  Not sure how to display them?  Goodwill is filled with baskets with intricate weaving and patterns. That is a great start.  Love the plant vibe but don’t have a green thumb? Easy.  Dry flowers. They last forever and look absolutely lovely.
  2. Metallic accents.  I seem to always come home from thrifting with a new silver platter or bowl. I love how it creates this bohemian vibe but also shows a bit of class. Back in the day wedding registries were filled with silver dishes and now goodwill is filled with them.  Great quality, beautiful pieces for dollars.
  3. Used is affordable, and can be very chic. Seriously think about it. When do you see anthro not pull off some distressed look?  It is very easy to walk into a consignment or thrift store and grab some beautiful pieces that accent a room.
  4. When thrifting look for unique pieces. Goodwill has shelves lined with abandoned wedding glasses. Skip those and look for really unique china or other statement pieces. They are there, and often overlooked by the masses of other junk. Find them. Google the brand. It is amazing what you will find.
  5. Mix and Match. Perfect isn’t the name of this game. Mix and match to create a style that is all your own!
  6. Go Vintage. I always check dates and brands on my find, whenever possible. The fun about vintage is you never know what gem you are about to find next!
  7. Smart never goes out of style. Finding some old books adds a certain element of luxury to any room. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room. Any room.  Books are sadly becoming a thing of the past, which means vintage and thrift stores are filled with great old books, many in fantastic shape. Grab them to add some sophistication to the room.
  8. Find a statement piece of furniture. We have some gorgeous chairs and pieces for furniture that would drop your jaw if I told you how much we got them for. Seriously, look around in consignment stores.  Estates need to dump furniture somewhere and often want to just get rid of it. There are some amazing finds out there.
  9. Frames are versatile.   It is amazing the range of beautiful frames that you can score for cheap.  From matting projects to showcasing jewelry, frames are everywhere and you can usually get amazing deals.
  10. Have an open mind. Yes you can have a look you are seeking, but when thrifting you have to have an open mind and be willing to dig around.
  11. Zyrtec. My allergies get me every time.  If you are going to be thrifting expect dust and dirt..things will need to be cleaned.. It comes with the territory. 50 cent decanter, ya you need to rewash that baby.

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8 thoughts on “anthro home, you’re lovely but out of my budget

    1. You are so right with the 💸💸 lol. The good news is that the look is incredibly easy to pull off within a manageable budget 🙂 thrifting is 💯x cheaper to get that style and still can be very chic when done right!

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      1. There is a goodwill store pretty much right across from the street in ritzy Westport Connecticut (💰💰💰) and they always, always have a bunch of brand new anthro stuff that people used for one season and then donated. It is my secret weapon. I love going there and getting amazing stuff for a couple of bucks- often with price tags still on them! I would totally recommend looking for overlap in anthro locations and donation stores

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