new tea tuesday: épices à chai

Hello New Tea Tuesday readers, it’s fall here in Connecticut which means falling leaves, apple cider and for me CHAI!

On a trip to Montreal I had the pleasure of being introduced to the tastiest chai spices. I was dining in a vegetarian restaurant in the village of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec (which is not far from Montreal) and honestly was on a bit of a brewery trip.  So many days of drinking beer and eating everything had me just wanting a vegetarian meal and a nice tea.  The food was everything I wanted and more, but the tea. Let me tell you about the tea.  This chai was promised to be the most delicious I had ever had so my bar was high.

Sure enough it was delish. Really, really good. So good in fact that the chef offered up his secret weapon. The spices which he ground on site.  Turns out there is a little spice shop around the corner from his restaurant which sells some of the best spices from around the world (and Kate Spade and Kusmi Tea *swoon*).

So like the tea addict I am, I finished my food and went straight there and bought the last two containers… which I think he may have intended to actually purchase.

Now I have to confess I have always bought pre-assembled chai blends.  Don’t judge. The thought never really came to mind to make my own.  This was me and chai taking our relationship to the next level.

The beautiful thing about having the spice is that you can start with any base tea you want and add this spice, making it truly your own. I love that. So while today I am not talking about a particular tea, I am talking about the spices, because honestly they steal this show.

Today was the first time I ever attempted to look up how to find this gem of a spice blend which means you are in luck.  Here is the link: épices à chai and as they describe on the site:

While the scent of cardamom, mace, fennel and cloves, enhanced with a few grains of black pepper.The classic recipe wants to be prepared with a fairly strong black tea, Assam, for example, but it may as well prepare the tea with a softer or less rich in caffeine. One can also add hot milk sugar or a key.

Ingredients: fennel, cardamom, mace, pepper, cloves.

I recommend adding this to a fall favorite such as apple cinnamon for a fun twist on a seasonal must have.  My favorite additions: foamed milk or honey.

As an even bigger bonus for you all, the link has 4 recipes at the bottom for

Apple crisp

Hot apple juice with chai spices

Cranberry chutney with chai spices

chai butter cookies

Thank me later.


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