new tea tuesday: traditional irish breakfast

Travel can really take it out of me sometimes. Yesterday was one of those days where we ended up walking in the door at 2:30am after a trip to sunny Texas.  I live in New England and it is a bit brisk compared to sunny Texas. I am sure that the first thing we did when we walked in the door was pet the cats, but the second was to turn on the heat!!

Unfortunately turning on the heat meant banging pipes (it’s an old house) so this late arrival home was met by banging and cats demanding pets all night long.  Needless to say this morning I am T I R E D.

Normally for new tea tuesday I share fun new teas that I think my readers will enjoy as a way to explore new options.  Today is all about the basics.  Getting down to a traditional strong morning tea.  Some days just call for that-today is one of them.

I grew up drinking tea all of the time and this tea I am sipping on is like a trip down memory lane for me.  A strong black Irish breakfast tea. Bold flavor and a beautiful caramel coloring. Perfect.

I enjoy Steeped Tea and was surprised when I placed my last order that I included this basic tea.  Usually I enjoy trying new flavors and varieties but boy this morning was I glad I had this kicking in the shelves. I love that they have so many great flavors that actually use natural ingredients rather than fake flavors.

For a go to staple, this tea it is.



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