new tea tuesday: matcha? what the heck is that

So what the heck is matcha and why should you drink it? Good question.

First of all what is matcha?

A very special Japanese green tea powder which to simplify is harvested in a way that allows growers to identify and pick the most flavorful and textured leaves. Once picked the leaves are dried and then aged in the cold to enhance the flavor. Lastly the tea leaves are stone ground into a powder which you then ingest when you brew your tea.

Second why should I drink it?

In short- HEALTH BENEFITS GALORE. Because you are not infusing the tea, but rather ingesting the leaves themselves matcha packs a serious healthy punch to your immune system. It is known to increase the health of your heart, have cancer preventing qualities, improve metabolism, naturally detoxify your body, and reduce your blood pressure while providing your body with some great vitamins and minerals.

What does it taste like?

I like to drink Ceremonial Matcha, so I will answer to that since there are a range of flavored matchas out there.  Ceremonial Matcha I find to be rich in green tea flavor which is often much more subtle.  Because you mix the powder and then add additional liquid you can can really adjust the flavor to your preference.  I like bold black teas so for me I drink it a bit on the thicker, more flavorful side. I find the best way to describe it is to think of orange juice and then an orange creamsicle.  That to me is what match is like in relationship to a cup  of traditional green tea; much thicker and creamier.

In the summer I really enjoy adding it to lemonade. That is one of my favorite drinks!

What else can you do with with it?

Well you most certainly can cook with it. I follow a range of companies on instagram who create mouth watering matcha dishes. Here are some to check out:

matcha_maiden ]

matchaeologist ]

matchacreations ]

Anything else?

Depending on the grade of matcha, meaning quality, this can be a bit on the pricey side.  I call this out because I tend to buy Ceremonial which is a top grade and comes with a price tag.  When trying matcha, start small,and work up. I suggest checking out Starbucks and ordering a matcha latte or something like that to see if you like it enough to invest in. With all of the health benefits I certainly suggest it.  For more info on grades of matcha, do a quick google search and info will come up from coloring to regions, matchaholics are pretty into offering tons of advice.




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