new tea tuesday: holiday fruit and spice

The last new tea tuesday post featured  Harvest Spice from Steeped Tea and I got some great responses from those of you who follow that part of my blog! (Side note: thanks tea lovers, I really enjoy sharing my faves and finding people all over the world who enjoy it too!) I thought the Harvest Tea was perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast so my plan for some of the upcoming new tea tuesdays is to stick with the holiday theme and share great gift giving sets, host gifts and of course yummy teas to serve up-stay tuned!

Today I have another lovely black tea blend that I am excited to share which is sure to be a crowd pleaser for your next holiday party.

I initially became aware of Mark T. Wendell through my boss who drinks the same tea each and every day.  Luckily for me, a few times a year he passes the catalog around the office and orders tea for anyone who is interested.  I always jump on the offer and try a few new things out.  One of my favorite things about getting that catalog is my confidence that the tea ordered has always been and will always be superior in quality.

Here are a couple I have featured already: new tea tuesday: river mist green tea |new tea tuesday: pu-erh tuo cha

Today’s tea is a holiday fruit and spice black tea blend which perfectly marries the two flavor categories without overpowering either.  It really is a great tea for dessert IMO.  I am always a fan of cranberry everything when it comes to cooking up some great dishes for the holidays.  From the cranberry to cinnamon to orange and ginger; the flavors all come together making every sip perfectly enjoyable. This tea seems like the ideal after meal tea to remind you about the wonderful melody of flavors you just indulged on, while getting you ready for the round of desserts coming your way.

I am hosting a Friendsgiving party this weekend and definitely will have this on hand to offer up to my guests while they loosen their belts!

Currently listening to: Glad I Met You by D. Gookin which can be found with over 4 hours of great music on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Spotify Playlist.

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