new tea tuesday: gift giving guide for tea lovers who could always use more tea

Some may say I have enough tea. I scoff at that thought. Exploring new fine teas is a passion that I could never grow bored of. The fantastic thing about that is that the options are practically endless for new teas to explore.

Here are some great gift sets which would make a tea fan run to the kettle.

For the tea snob: Grand Tea Gift Set HENRI from Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères has now given a new dimension to the tea-taster’s valise with this presentation case featuring various harvests and grand blends, all of different origins that in themselves constitute a trip around the world, illustrating the key aspects in the new universe of tea.
Gourmet delight comes in 12 canisters of teas of every major type, accompanied by « l’Art Français du Thé » a book of useful instruction and intriguing anecdote, plus a silver-plated measuring spoon to guarantee a perfect cup of tea.


For the tea newbie: Become a Loose Tea Lover Set from David’s Tea

If you’re looking to get into loose leaf tea, this deluxe collection has everything you need to get started. It includes one tea from every category, plus a Perfect Spoon and our exclusive drawstring filters. Ready to start your tea journey? Just scoop, steep, sip and fall head over heels. Includes Forever Nuts, The Skinny, Cream of Earl Grey, Electric Lemonade, Detox, Buddha’s Blend, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai and English Toffee.


For the friend who is always on the move: The Cold Survival Kit from David’s Tea

Let’s not beat around the bush. Being sick stinks. But with this collection of five super-soothing teas and a pack of honey sticks, you can battle the worst of it. Sip Pick Me Up for an extra energy boost. Or if you have a sore throat, try a little Super Ginger or Throat Rescue. If you’re feeling queasy, it’s nothing a little North African Mint can’t handle. And when all else fails, dip into your emergency supply of Cold 911 for guaranteed relief. Ah, isn’t that better?


For the very special tea lover in your life: The Collection from Kusmi Tea

This collection brings together 15 mini tins in an elegant case, perfect for trying Kusmi’s famous blends, or to give as a gift. A selection of Kusmi’s most beautiful creations with 5 Wellness blends (Detox, Sweet Love, BB Detox, Be Cool, Euphoria), 5 exclusive blends (Anastasia, Prince Vladimir, St. Petersburg, Kashmir Tchai, Imperial Label) and 5 flavoured green teas (Rose green tea, Jasmine green tea, Spearmint green tea, Ginger-lemon green tea, Strawberry green tea).
For tea preparation, The Collection also includes a box of 100 paper filters as well as a Kusmi Tea engraved teaspoon.


To sweeten the set even more try adding some gourmet honey or sugar to your gift and tie that baby up with a bow! These are from Teavana and Harney:

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