new tea tuesday: gift giving guide for tea lovers who have enough tea

In the spirit of offering up some holiday shopping guides, I’m excited to share some cute gift ideas for the tea lover. ย I know in my world I can never have enough tea, but my boyfriend and cabinets probably would disagree with that.

As an Instagram addict I can say that fun platters and antique serve-ware are always fun to bust out while preparing my tea and takings snaps. ย The mixed set of spoons below are super fun for tea fans who like to embrace the beauty of the leaves and the process preparing the tea.

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas, all on Etsy.


tea towel $11 | mug $18 | temp tattoo $3 | antique spoons $15 | candle $9

ย sugar cubes $8 | soap $7 | toner $12 | art print $5+

Currently listening to Your Cover’s Blown by Belle and Sebastian. ย Listen to this song and more on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Spotify Playlist

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