holiday cheer: newport style

My birthday has always felt so inconvenient. It is lumped in between two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and often times it feels like my birthday is more of an inconvenience to get people together than it is worth.  We always do big weekend getaways with a close group of friends and spend our special day with practically the same group of people.  I love that. It is so nice to have a tight group, but this year more than anything I wanted to have some quality one on one time with my boyfriend.  Just the two of us escaping on a little local getaway and unwinding; after hosting two Thanksgiving dinners, we needed that!

The spot: Newport RI.  Preppy, plaid on pearls, boats and cocktails; Newport RI

The weekend was one of the best on the books in a really long time. Just the peaceful break we needed.

We stayed at a cute B&B in walking distance to the wharf and the weekend just happened to be the tree lighting ceremony.  The city was bustling with activity and holiday cheer.  What a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

Between shopping and drinking all day I could not have asked for a better time.  Here are some of my highlights:

EntertainmentThe Breakers Mansion: Summer home to the ritzy Vanderbilt family, this mansion was decked out to the max with holiday decor. This mansion gives an entirely new meaning to gold standard.

ShoppingMichael Hayes: Holiday shopping with a side of a birthday gift for me, yes please.  Enter my first Tory Burch bag!! Actually interesting note about this luxe store, they are the only authorized Tory Burch retailer in Rhode Island.


DiningThe Wharf Pub: Being allergic to fish and shellfish makes dining in Newport a bit of a challenge but this place was superb for a romantic dinner.  Brunch has to go to Diego’s, hands down!  Diego’s is directly across from The Wharf Pub, both are amazing.

Drinking- If a brewery/distillery combo is your speed the Newport Storm brewery includes a rum distillery which serves up rum in the traditional Newport style from pre-prohibition days.  Definitely worth the pit stop.


Currently listening to: One Day With You by Pogo.  Listen to this song and more on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Spotify Playlist


Oh ya that Tory Burch bag… here is a peak.. Can’t wait to wear it out to a special occasion!




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