happiest holidays: with bonus #DIY tree instructions

With so much hustle and bustle around the holidays I always like to try and slooooooow down and focus on friends and family.  I even took a brief break from blogging this month so that I could focus on my birthday, get holiday cards out, go to festive holiday parties and of course get my holiday shopping list trimmed down.

Over the weekend me and my boyfriend made our Christmas tree and if you have been on my Instagram you know I am smitten about it. He is minimalist and I like “things” so this tree blend the best of both worlds with a simple frame and composition and little selection of ornaments representing things close to us. To round out the minimalist theme I used left over ornaments as decor throughout the house.

As the weekend holidays approach, I hope everyone finds time in their own way to slow down and embrace the beauty of the season. From making holiday cookies to getting lost by a roaring fireplace; tis the season for finding your happy!


Crystal aka Paisley Rosie

Curious about our special minimalist tree? Here are quick DIY steps:

  1. using a coat rack, wrap your favorite lights up leaving room at the top.
  2. take assorted grapevine wreaths  (we went to Michael’s) layered biggest on the bottom to smallest on the top. We added a grapevine ball on the top as our star!
  3. drop those over the lit coat rack. (Mine is from the Portis collection at Ikea and I love all the hooks everywhere. We actually have all of the pieces of this collection- Find it here for $30)
  4. using wire hang attach the ball to the smallest wreath. Since this supports the weight of the tree we really enforced it.
  5. stuff the ball with more lights!!
  6. tie the rest of the wreaths up with more wires.
  7. add pine garland to each layer
  8. decorate and enjoy

Currently listening to Electric Feel by MGMT which you can find on the Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Spotify Playlist! Happy listening

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