trending 2016: love it or leave it

Man what a whirlwind year.  It kinda defines the term over it!  2016 wasn’t all terrible though.  Here is my list of faves and oh no’s from this year:

Things I’d Love To Stick Around:

  • Smoking Shoes– This is my number one, hands down favorite trend of the year. Move aside ballet flats, these babies have taken the comfort to a whole new level. From the office to dinner parties, on travel trips or lounging around the house-smoking slippers can, and will, take you there.  My obsession is with the M.Gemi Stellato which runs about $198 unless you catch one of their rare sales.  With so many new releases, they always pop up on my wish list.
  • Delicate Jewelry – If 2015 was the year of the statement necklace for me, then 2016 is definitely the year where meaningful lines, curves and minimal details were just as powerful as bold in your face bling.  For this trend I find inspiration from local artists like Kate Stephens or larger companies like Stella & Dot. Check out Kate’s Instagram here


Oh No’s – Gotta Go’s:

  • Scalloped Everything- This started to get big in ’15 but man ’16 could not let this go.  Personally I don’t own anything with Scalloped cuts and cringe when I see my favorite bloggers wearing it. I hoped last year it was a fad and boy if this went away next year I would not be sad.  Here are some examples borrowed from my beloved Ann Taylor (sorry Ann)…ok the shoes are actually kinda cute but moving on…scallopscallops


  • Grunge/Military Boots/Chokers/90’s- I want to see class and elegance in day-to-day clothing. Every generation should improve not fall back. This trend to me is killing the word “vintage” – IMO there should be a cut off for true vintage and then 90s on.  Simply no, No, NO.  When done properly a choker can be a nice touch but the overkill factor just made me throw up in my mouth. Don’t even get me started on the outrageous prices for literally a piece of ribbon. Ugh.


Me and my Stellato’s are gonna stroll casually into 2017 and not look back.

xx Crystal

Currently listening to my Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist and reminiscing on all the great tunes featured this year! I think I might need to create on annually!

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