new tea tuesday: caramelized meyer lemon matcha pie

Hello 2017! What a year it is going to be. I have been busy planning out my goals for the blog for the next year and figured I would start off with a tasty treat for my first post of the year.


Remember when we were talking about matcha a couple of months ago?  (You can catch up here if you are asking “what the heck is matcha?”) Well as a follow up to that, I have a fun recipe made with matcha to share for the next time you are looking to whip up a unique dish for entertaining.

Today I am going to share, what I think is my first recipe cooking with tea!  So go grab your favorite matcha and let’s get started.

I used Lemonatcha from Steeped Tea. We’ve talked about Steeped Tea a couple times on the New Tea Tuesday blog but this is the first matcha from Steeped that we will be trying out. I am in the middle of a 30 day matcha challenge so this post was especially fun since it gave me a chance to try something new: cooking with matcha!

This dish is a matcha pie topped with caramelized meyer lemons.  I chose meyer lemons since they tend to be sweeter than traditional lemons and are easy to find at my local stop and shop. Since the matcha already has hints of lemon in it I knew this would be very compatible.

Go ahead and cut corners, unless you are Martha Stewart, start with a pre-made pie crust or dough.  I used a rolled dough from Stop and Shop because I was debating making this into a pie or bars but ultimately went with a pie.

Slice up your lemons.  If you don’t score meyer lemons that is totally fine; grab your favorite citrus and slice nice and thin. Honestly, some of mine came out a bit thick.  Since we are going to caramelize these you want them to be thin enough to eat the skin too. The best lemons on my final product were ones with nice even thin slices.


Once the lemons are cut, the next step is to boil them in a few cups of water. I let mine boil for a little bit so that the skins could really cook down. I wanted to make sure that they would be soft enough to eat later so I kept mine boiling while I made the matcha mixture.

So the lemons are going and now we need to make the matcha.  I used vanilla soy milk but you can use any milk of your choosing.  Warm about 2 cups of milk in a saucepan and then add two spoons of your matcha.  Whisk away all matcha powder until you end up with a nice creamy matcha latte.

Now, my water had reduced a bit from the lemons boiling and was left with a couple of cups worth of lemon water in the saucepan.  Add a cup of sugar and mix it with the lemons.  You want to end up with a simple syrup which we will use again later.  Reduce the heat to a simmer while you do the next part.


To create your batter you will need 2 cups of flour (I used almond flour), 3 eggs, 1 egg white, & a cup of sugar. Mix up the sugar and eggs then once your sugar is mixed add the matcha.  After the egg and matcha are completely mixed, add your flour and stir really well. (Generally when baking you mix liquids and dry ingredients separately and then join them together which helps to ensure everything mixes properly.)

Pour the batter into your pie dish and then layer your lemons on top of the batter. I had cut 5 lemons which was the perfect amount. Ok, I’ll share a secret: I knew this was the perfect amount of lemon because I layered the pie pan while I was cutting them to determine how many I needed. You may need more or less depending on the size of your dish.


Bake for 45 minutes on whatever temp your crust recommended (mine was 350f).  Five minutes before the end of your cook time, take out your pie.  Brush some of the lemon simple syrup on your pie and then sprinkle brown sugar on the pie.  Place your pie back in oven and broil it for the last few minutes.  The results will be the bomb.

Before and After Baking

Last step, dig in!  I found this was great both warmed and cold so don’t worry if you need to travel with it and can’t reheat!

Looking for some of my other Steeped Tea features? Here are two from 2016:

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Do you have a favorite dessert recipe that involves tea? Send it along to – I would be happy to try it out and share it on an upcoming New Tea Tuesday post!

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