new tea tuesday: bellocq no.09 the white duke

Man, what a great weekend I had!  It was filled with nonstop music, friends and amazing food-But that is not all.  I made a trek to one of my favorite tea shops!

* Bellocq Tea Atelier *

This place is a swoon worthy drop of heaven in Brooklyn NY, hid away unsuspectingly in the Greenpoint neighborhood. Just being at Bellocq was enough to fill my body with happy vibes but even those not obsessed with tea can’t help but fall in love with the charm of this gorgeous shop.  The deep purple walls and hanging plants, the endless candles and  subtle artwork all make this place super relaxing and chill.  For me the endless rows of loose leaf tea to admire just added to the “I never want to leave” factor.

I have loved Bellocq’s tea selection since my first sip of the Queen’s Guard while I was in Savannah, Georgia this spring.  (You can read that post here:new tea tuesday bellocq queens guard).  The brand had been on my radar for a while so when I was shopping at the Paris Market that day and spotted the vibrantly colorful yellow tins I just had to snatch some up, and I’m glad I did.

This weekends tea adventure opened up a newbie for me on my quest to discover all kinds of variations of Earl Grey.  If you have spent any bit of time on my blog you probably know that I have over a dozen different styles of the Earl on constant rotation and am quick to try cocktails, and pretty much anything else with Earl Grey in it.

Enter The White Duke.  I have never had a white tea Earl Grey before and as fate would have it, this was one of two teas being sampled at Bellocq. It was a match made in heaven.  Honestly, white teas themselves have been an area I really have not invested too much time in exploring so this tasty treat was easily scooped up to bring home with me.

To learn more about the teas in my growing Bellocq collection check out some of my other new tea tuesday posts. Gypsy Caravan and National Parks Department are my favorites in the adventurous category!

new tea tuesday: bellocq no.35 the earl grey

new tea tuesday: bellocq no.54 gypsy caravan

new tea tuesday: bellocq no.22 national parks dept

new tea tuesday: bellocq no.47 queen’s guard

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