my number one winter essential: hand cream

Winter to me is all about warming up by the fire, snuggling with a book and getting cozy.  I appreciate having a reason to be stuck indoors and enjoying the warmth of my home. I mean really, come spring through fall I am all over the place and spend little time at home so winter brings this welcomed staycation vibe that I really love.

There are a few things about winter that I do not love, however.  For example, every winter I want to cut my hair and don’t because it acts like a wonderful scarf blocking the cruel cold wind from my neck.  I also turn into this shedding mess, like a snake that just dropped its skin. Winter destroys my body. My face dries up and my hands become cracked and stiff.

This season is when my love for luxuriously fragrant hand creams takes center stage. I love getting lost in the experience of applying it generously and taking a few moments out of my day to daydream on a journey with the scents. Both my office and my home office typically have a half-dozen different creams within arms reach at all times!

Here are my favorites right now:

Library of Flowers || Willow & Water 

This small batch perfumery out of Denver, CO delivers a beautifully light and airy scent with accents of chamomile and the smoothness of coco butter.Bonus points for the gorgeous tin!

Royal Apothic || Venetian Grove

They legit call this fragrance Perfectly Perfect on the Royal Apothic website so you know that this is gonna be a good hand cream.  The texture is great and the smell, oh the rosy smell, transports me to my rose garden on a rainy day.  Side note: Royal Apothic is one of my favorite perfume companies as mentioned in my post smells ring bells 

L’Occitane || Verveine

This energizing gel creme is such a pick me up during a long day. The lemon verbena rose cream just soaks right into my skin and has this citrus scent that just hangs around for a while.  While the other two hand creams I mentioned are heavy and thick, this one is a bit more of a watery texture which allows it to just dive so deep into my hands and absorb quickly into my dried out hands. I actually have this perfume on my wish list since it is such a pick me up!


Do you have a favorite hand cream that is your winter go to? I’d love to hear about it and try it out! Leave me a comment with your favorites!!

Currently listening to La ritoutnelle by Sebastien Tellier which you can listen to on the Paisley Rosie Featured Song Spotify Playlist

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