new tea tuesday: kitchenaid electric tea kettle

My birthday was last month and I almost blew my boyfriends perfect present by coming this close >< to purchasing a similar item for myself while we were on a weekend getaway in Newport (read about that trip here holiday cheer: newport style)!

Ever since he sweetly surprised me with the best gift ever, I have been testing it out like crazy so that I could share it with all my readers. While we were in Newport I was lucky enough to get to spend a whole day shopping!! I scored a Tory Burch bag, did some holiday shopping and spent way too much time in The Spice & Tea Exchange.  For weeks leading up to this weekend getaway I had been setting up a home office and had been exploring the internet for great electric tea kettles.  My kettle at home is a whistler and our stove is gas, so when I want to get work done in my home office I need to break to monitor the open flame and impending ear shattering whistle.  At the tea shop I spotted an electric tea kettle and would not stop talking about how I wanted one.

Kyle is the sweetest guy and had gotten me one for my birthday, just waiting to be opened when we got home.  He did a pretty good job distracting me away from that kettle by showing me ghost pepper salts and a range of other spices he thought would take my attention away from the kettle. Honestly, it was getting close to him just blowing the surprise and telling me I already had one!

Boy am I glad I didn’t blow that moment for him because I love, love, love, love, love the one he got for me.  So for the last month and a half I have been using my new KitchenAid kettle while working and it has been the most welcome addition to my new work area.  Bonus, the glass pot fits perfectly in my upstairs bathroom sink so I can refill without even going downstairs. I even brought it downstairs to entertain over the holidays and let guests fill their cups as much as they wanted!

This tea kettle features a removable tea infusing basket and holder plus temperature controls designed for the type of tea being brewed!! It has a subtle and pleasant bing when the tea is done so goodbye annoying whistle.  The only downside is the quick boil is also a bit loud so I can’t be on a call when tea is brewing.  The warming feature is great for a quick reheat of the pot!

To score one of these for yourself, visit a KitchenAid store or follow this link to get one online for $170.00

Thanks Kyle!! xoxo

Currently listening to Temporary Residence by Eliot Lipp which can be found on my Spotify Paisley Rosie Featured Songs Playlist 

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