my very first anthropologie

Fate has a weird way of making sure you simply cannot miss an important life event.  Ok, many of you may not actually consider an Anthropologie store closing to be a “life event”  but this one has so much meaning for me. For everyone else it might be more in line with closing a book and rushing out to get the next one by the author.

This interaction with fate started about a month ago when I made my first trip to Terrain in Westport.  For those of you not familiar, Terrain is more on the plant spectrum of Anthro goodies.  Lots of interior decor too but this place is fantastic for unique plants.  So I am at Terrain, for the first time, and while checking out the woman drops a flier in my bag and mentions the Anthro is closing. “WHAT?!” was my reaction as I picked my jaw up off the floor.  Well luckily they are closing to relocate down the road to a larger location which will have rooms to wonder, a restaurant, shoes…so much more than my little Anthro.

These are a few Terrain snaps for those of you new to that arm of Anthro:

Just a few days after the Terrain jaw dropping moment, I got an email inviting me to the closing party- I immediately RSVP’d to attend.  Unfortunately most of February I have been holed up in bed with the flu so I was dreading missing this but just like that fate knocked the flu right out of my system just in time for me to attend the party, sip on some champagne, snack on cheese and do a little one-last-hurrah shopping trip.

When I arrived I knew I wanted three things: some piece of the store I could take with me as a memory of this major part of my life, a pretty number to wear on special occasions and something simple to decorate with.  Luckily for me I found a beautiful wire light fixture (I’ll show you once I hang it), a really gorgeous blue dress and some cute plates with a “C” and”K” to represent me and Kyle.


In all honesty I probably have been to **way **to many other Anthro locations since starting at this one over a decade ago, and truly know just how little it is.  I think it is the smallest one I have ever visited but still love it.

While I know that the next store is going to be a fantastic upgrade, that doesn’t change the fact that the closing is bittersweet for me.  For all of my adult life this shop has been my gateway to learning about perfumes, allowing me the luxury of treating myself to nice goodies when I really earned then (more so when I really had not), and most importantly gave me the realization that so much of what I love about “the Anthro look” could be done at a much more affordable price point.  

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With this new store is opening at the end of March, I promise to do better about posting Anthro pieces; my blog stats repeatedly show those as really popular with all of my readers so expect more goodies now that I will have a bigger local shop to visit!

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